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Introducing The $1,500 Metaverse Headset from Meta Additionally, this week's small business tech news

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Introducing The $1,500 Metaverse Headset from Meta Additionally, this week's small business tech news 

Introducing The $1,500 Metaverse Headset from Meta Additionally, this week's small business tech news

Here are five recent technological developments and how they can impact your company. Did you overlook them?

1. A $1,500 virtual reality headgear for the Metaverse called the Meta Quest Pro is available.

The Meta Quest Pro is a brand-new headset from Meta. This $1,500 virtual reality headgear is made for people who want to work in the Metaverse. Despite having facial expression tracking and excellent images, experts lament the headset's very short battery life. (Reference: WSJ)

Why this is significant for your company:

I firmly believe that the Metaverse will have a significant influence on how business is conducted in the years to come. The Meta Quest Pro, however, is a failure according to this research. No sensible manager or worker would wear these items, in my opinion, without receiving harsh criticism from their coworkers. The Metaverse will materialize once there is a more convenient way to access it, such as a regular set of glasses that can transition between the two realities. Although it's easier said than done, the hardware will finally be installed.

2 - On October 19, the Baltimore GoDaddy Open will feature networking opportunities and training for small businesses.

The Baltimore GoDaddy Open will educate and upskill small businesses on October 19. The open will have educational activities and classes in important fields including expanding a business, acquiring digital skills, and marketing. It will be free to everyone who desires to attend. Anyone interested must register online at (Referring to Yahoo Finance)
Why this is significant for your company:

In February 2022, GoDaddy launched its global social impact program in Baltimore with local nonprofit partner Impact Hub, according to a press release, "to help accelerate and equip entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities with the digital resources they need to run business in the modern day. The Empower Baltimore concept involves collaborating closely with groups of nearby companies. It affects local employment, boosts the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, and enhances Baltimore's small companies' digital footprint through learning intensives, self-guided courses, company plan development, and complimentary website goods from GoDaddy. As long as you can put up with receiving hosting service marketing promotions in the future, the program is free. But the information is worthwhile, especially for those who are not tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

3—To improve online meetings, Sift is releasing a significant update for the Microsoft Teams app.

The Microsoft Teams app from people directory provider Sift has received significant improvements. With the update, dubbed as Sift for Teams V2.1, attendees at meetings will be able to learn more about each other's jobs, names and pronunciations, interests, project teams, and other details. The revised Sift Teams app is now available for download from the online store Microsoft AppSource. (Referring to PRNewsWire)

Why this is significant for your company:

This is one of many excellent apps for Teams and other Microsoft products that can be discovered on AppSource that can help boost the efficiency of your team members. It is a useful and reasonably priced solution for increasing your Teams meetings.

4 - Weave is expanding the functionality of its online scheduling application.

Recent updates by Weave to its online scheduling tool include new functionality. Atop management systems in the domains of optometry and dentistry will now be compatible with the all-in-one customer interaction and communication platform for small businesses. Weave will give users a text message as soon as an appointment is confirmed and add it to the integrated system's calendar right away. (Referencing MarTech Series)

Why this is significant for your company:

If you work in the dentistry, medical, optometry, or veterinary service sectors, you may be interested in this extremely potent platform for scheduling as well as forms, phone integration, payments, insurance verification, and many other processes that may be automated in your business . Weave has been a popular product among many businesses in these fields.

5 - This "thermal attack" uses the heat that your fingertips emit to decipher your password.

PC security experts recently revealed that they have developed an AI-powered system that can quickly guess computer and smartphone passwords. After entering passwords and other information, the system merely analyzes the heat signatures that fingerprints leave behind on keyboards and screens. (Refer to ZDNet)

Why this is significant for your company:

This application was created by the researchers to demonstrate how the advancement of AI and machine learning, along with the decline in the cost of thermal imaging technologies, has created new opportunities for thermal attacks. So what do you do? According to one of the researchers, "Longer passphrases take longer to write, which also makes it more difficult to capture an accurate reading on a thermal camera, particularly if the user is a touch typist." The researcher added that biometric authentication boosts security.